Hartmann Jones is a new studio, created in 2010 by interaction designers Marie Hartmann and Mike Jones. Previously they were senior interaction designers for design agencies in San Francisco. They are now based in Oslo.

Mike Jones

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Mike's experience is in product UI: consumer electronics, mobile, cars, tablets, and TV. During his five years as Senior Interaction Designer at Smart Design, he was involved in strategic interaction design programs that required a lot of upfront research and coordination with the industrial design and insights & strategy teams. Beyond research, he has experience with taking consumer electronics from concept to production. He's well versed in the details of wireframe decks, task flows, and pixel specifications. He also gets along well with clients, leads teams, and enjoys frisbee golf.

Mike holds a MS in IT Product Design from the University of Southern Denmark, and a BS in Product Design Engineering from Stanford University.

Marie Hartmann

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Before co-founding Hartmann Jones, Marie worked as a Senior Interaction Designer at AKQA. During her time at AKQA she created innovative digital marketing campaigns, websites and applications for global companies like Target, Nike, McDonalds, Kraft, XBox and Gap. Besides her role in interaction design, Marie often led other creative efforts (visual design and copywriting) on projects. She also worked closely with the strategy team to develop long-term visions, strategic platforms and phased-based executional project plans.

Before AKQA, Marie worked at Zaudhaus, where she did interaction design for web applications, community- and e-commerce websites.

Marie holds a MS in IT Product Design from the University of Southern Denmark, and a BA in Product and Furniture Design from Kingston University.