Augmented Reality Campaign


Target releases a weekly ad in the Sunday newspaper, as well as online version within a section of For "Black Friday" (Friday after Thanksgiving), their biggest sale of the year, Target releases a special 2-Day Sale ad. AKQA was tasked to use the hype around this sale to convert Print Weekly Ad guests to become Online Weekly Ad guests.

The campaign featured messaging and an augmented reality (AR) marker in the printed ad, encouraging guests to visit the online ad for the chance to win thousands in prizes. Guests would hold up the printed ad in front of their webcam to activate an interactive 3D experience and to participate in the sweepstakes.

The concept used AR differently than other retailers; In addition to manipulating a 3D object, the AR marker was used as a controller in a video experience responding to the users' actions. It was cool and buzz-worthy and became viral through pictures of users in-action on Facebook.

The campaign was a huge success with more than 1.4 million sweepstake entries, and the following online Weekly Ad visits grew significantly through the associated email subscriptions.


Work by Marie Hartmann for AKQA, in collaboration with Elizabeth Tervenski, Justin Pedersen, Jason Ring, Jason Colcord, Karen Jackson, Jason Tighe, Miles Lukas, Dustin Blouse, Evan Mager, Bob Hall, Andy McKinney, Eric Shoemaker and Charles Law.

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