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Wedding & Baby Registry


Target wanted to improve its online registries for Target Baby and Club Wedd by reducing user drop-off and purchase incompletion rates. Target also wanted to encourage their guests to add more items to increase the average registry value.

The solution uses targeted messaging and functionality for new (signed out) and existing (signed in) guests. The signed out landing page communicates the benefits of registering at Target (value, breadth of selection and easy returns), while the signed in page encourages users to increase their registry with interactive progression bars and alerts.

To encourage bigger registries, the new experience uses smart widgets dynamically pulling in the newest and most popular registry products for each category. Not only does these widgets allow Target to showcase much more products on each category page than before, but the smart solution ensures a current selection that does not enquire manual updates.

As a one-stop-shop, Target is different than their registry competitors. The new site celebrates this uniqueness by cross-selling unusual registry categories, like Camping or Sports Gear, in more common categories, like Dining or Kitchenware, to inspire guests to add more products.

The registry experience was also improved with simplified registry management tools, more concise and relevant product categorization and contextual buying guides at appropriate points in the shopping process.


Work by Marie Hartmann for AKQA, in collaboration with Louise Bartlett, Elizabeth Hunt, Kirsten Stewart, Elizabeth Tervenski, Cerra Buckholz, Todd Grinham, Ryan Poulsen, Andrew Goldfarb, Nicholas Harr, Maurice Chang and Mary Anne Nurse.

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